City Visit
The one day city visit is optional. The detailed arrangement will be provided in the middle of January, 2018. The below sightseeings are just for reference.

Though it’s not a huge city (like Rome) or the European capital of fashion (like Milan) Torino, Italy is a charming destination that has much more to offer than its (in) famous shroud.

Sure, Torino is most famous for a ratty piece of off-white fabric but when you visit, obviously you’re going to skip the famous Shroud of Torino and spend your time on less touristy, more fulfilling experiences. Your time can be better spent wandering Torino's glorious collonades, enjoying the world’s best collection of Egyptian artifacts, riding in a floating elevator, and getting neck cramps from viewing all of the stunning buildings. Of course, this is Italy, so I promise, we’ll also stop for the best gelato and the best pizza in Torino.  Of course, if you believe that the shroud of Torino is the bonafide image of Leonardo Da Vinci and you’re a big Da Vinci fan, you’ll want to stop in there too. The below are some recommended sigtseeing for Torino, but not the final arrangement.

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