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For ICAMS 2018, we open the special session. If your research field is related to below topics, please submit to the session chair (Prof. Xavier Cartaña Alvaro) directly by email (xigemma@telefonica.net). If your paper was accepted, the conference secretary will issue the acceptance notification letter to you.


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Special session topic:


Industrial marketing (or business-to-business marketing – B2B- ) is the marketing of goods and services by one business to another. Industrial goods are those an industry uses to produce an end product from one or more raw materials.

Main features of the B2B selling process are:

·         Marketing is one-to-one in nature. It is relatively easy for the seller to identify a prospective customer and build a face-to-face relationship.

·         Highly professional and trained people in buying processes are involved. In many cases, two or three decision makers must approve a purchase plan.

·         Often the buying or selling process is complex, and includes many stages (for example, request for proposal, request for tender, selection process, awarding of tender, contract negotiations, and signing of final contract).

·         Selling activities involve long processes of prospecting, qualifying, wooing, making representations, preparing tenders, developing strategies, and contract negotiations.


Industrial marketing can cross the border into consumer marketing. For example, an electronic component seller may distribute its products through industrial marketing channels but also support consumer sales. Many products are equally desired by business and consumers—such as audio products, furniture, paint, hardware, etc. Nonetheless, manufactures and service providers frequently maintain separate industrial and consumer marketing operations to reflect the different needs of the two channels.



Basic concepts of industrial marketing

Key account customer management

How to prepare an industrial marketing plan

Relational marketing

Marketing strategies in b2b

Buying process in industrial markets.

Special Session Chair

Prof. Xavier Cartaña Alvaro
United International Business School, Spain

Mr. Xavier Cartaña Alvaro is a Chemical Graduate and Master in Commercial and Marketing Management. Since more than 26 years, he works in the Chemical Industry and at this moment he works for a very well known Chemical Multinational Company as an EMEA Key Account Manager. His career has led him to specialize increasingly in the commercial management of multicultural behaviors and their staffs at international levels. He also works as a teacher and consultant since more than 20 years, in many different Business Schools and also pays specific seminars and workshops worldwide in marketing and commercial and personal skills fields. At this moment he is active as Industrial Marketing Specialist Teacher at United International Business School (UIBS).


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